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Coconut Parasite Purge

Dr. Bruce Fife in his book Coconut Cures on page 199 states the following
“The parasite purge is based on traditional methods and has proven to be successful in expelling tapeworms & other intestinal parasites.  The key to making this process work is eating an adequate amount of dried coconut.
Dried coconut is more effective than fresh in cleansing out parasites.  You need to eat a total of 2 ½ cups of dried coconut followed by a strong laxative. The combination of the coconut & laxative is very effective in flushing parasites out of the intestinal tract.  Cloves can be added to kill the parasite eggs.  It does little good to remove the parasites and leave the eggs, which will eventually develop into more parasites.
Since the parasite Purge will loosen you r bowels and cause you to visit the bathroom frequently for a few hours you need to choose a day that will allow you to do this. You will start the purge the day before.
The first stage of the Parasite Purge is to eat 2 ½ cups of dried coconut.  If you can eat this much at one time, have the meal in the evening.  If it takes you two meals to down this much coconut, eat it for both lunch and dinner. If you need longer, eat it between meals or even for breakfast if you have to. After you begin eating the coconut, do not eat any other food.  Drink plenty of water.
About 2 hours after your evening meal mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt with ¾ cup of water. Drink this mixture. Epsom salt has an unpleasant taste. Using a straw will make it easier to get down. You may also add a little vitamin C powder or lemon juice to mask the taste somewhat.  Drink the entire thing quickly. Follow with a full glass of water.
Wait about 2 hours. Before going to bed drink another mixture of 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt with ¾ cup of water.  Follow with a glass of water.
In the morning you will experience loose, runny stools and will need to empty your bowels a few times. If you have any parasites, you will see them floating in the toilet bowl. You can tell they are parasites because they may be alive & moving.
Eating 2 ½ cups of dried coconut is not easy for many people unaccustomed to using coconut in food preparation.  If this is a problem try a coconut porridge or coconut Macaroons.  This is a palatable means to eat the coconut until you have consumed the 2 ½ cups.”


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  2. How much in ounces or grams please for the amount of dried coconut, and how much again exactly for the cloves, and in what form should they be taken, ground or whole?

  3. tried ot with coconut blocks grounded with 2 senna tablets,and lemon grass tea.feel a whole lot better thank you